How to Differentiate Between the Modern and Contemporary Styles by Margret Donaldson

If you are confused between the modern and contemporary styles, don’t worry because you are not alone. Such terms have similar features but you should define your favorite design style exactly when you hire an interior designer to avoid serious design mistakes.

If you love the clean lines, neutral colors, and reflective surfaces, what would you name your favorite style? Look, your modern home design begins with simple walls and ceiling, linear elements, white façade, and large windows.

The modern furniture pieces are low, long, straight lined, and unembellished to create a sense of harmony with the open and airy look of the place. Such furniture pieces are usually raised off the floor and made of natural materials such as wood and leather or artificial materials such as white and clear plastic and molded plywood with neutral colors.

When you choose the modern home design, you are opting for a fixed design with static features such as glossy wooden floor, neutral colored elements with a bold colored oversized painting, a piece of art or even a few reflective accessories. You can display your personal taste in such a modern home using just high-end materials or modern accessories without affecting the overall look of your home.

The contemporary style depends more on your personal taste and the materials and colors of the day, as it is a dynamic style with changing features. For this, most of the contemporary designs are eclectic with different colors, materials, and even styles. Such a contemporary style will help you incorporate new pieces of furniture or decorative elements whenever you need to remodel the look of the place. Currently, the contemporary designs feature open plans with large windows, bright colors, new and old decorative pieces, high-tech appliances, and bare floor