How to be your own home interior designer!

When it comes to decorating a new home there are two options to follow; whether hiring an interior designer or you can do it yourself. If you prefer doing your home interior design yourself so you may find this article useful for you. Here are some tips to know what exactly to do.

Above all, you need to take a wide look at magazines, websites and galleries to get enough ideas, knowledge and inspiration of how to be your home interior designer. This look will also allow you know what are the latest trends of the year? And how to apply them perfectly! Then, you should set your budget to work around its limit and don’t be afraid even if you have a tight budget you could design your home perfectly by going to thrift stores, or even get quality products at good prices.

The next step is to decide your home style, décor and never forget that the interior design is not all about elegant look only it also cares about the functionality, to make you able to get everything you want and create your dream home look. furniture layout and items will do this role and enhance the functionality. Then, the real work will begin as you should decide each room color scheme.

“The color scheme” reflects your taste and mood, you pick your favorite colors which enable you to create a specific mood in each room. The background you had from the photos and latest trends will surely help you set every room color scheme. This color scheme should consist of 3 different colors or 3 shades of the same colors according to your personality.

Add texture to your home; as you pick a specific style you can go with it by textures or you can mix more than one style to create a charming look. Keep in mind also your family member as if you have children you can’t have a cotton sofa, as an example, leather will be a perfect choice.
Finally, light is the important factor to brighten up the whole look and enhance its functionality. besides that, accessories will add your personal touch in your own home.