How to Liven up your Rooms by Decorating Your Walls

When you try to renovate the decor of your room, consider changing the color design of your walls as a basic step. The patterns and colors on your walls and how it looks in general plays a huge part in changing the atmosphere of the room and lifting the mood of the people in it. Here we will give you a few hints on how to change the ambiance of your rooms by giving your walls a new look.

We should talk first on how to choose suitable colors for your room. The colors should match and complement the colors of your furniture. For example, if you are thinking of renewing the colors on your kitchen walls, choose tiles. They are easy to clean and can give your kitchen a clean relaxing look. Choosing a new design when painting your walls needs great care because it will change the look of your room greatly.

Different colors have different effects and lively colors are in style this year. So please do not go for the same “pink for girls, blue for boys” clichés. You can use multiple colors and different shades to add a contrasting vibrant look to your walls. You could create a mural with blocks of different colors. You could even design the pattern on the walls according to a certain theme. Remember that the pattern and colors of the walls affects the mood of the people within them.

There are many things besides painting you could do to change the look of the walls. One of which is using fabric art pieces like wall tapestries and needle point wall hangings. Also using stylish stencils is a great way to create a feeling of a spacious room. There are so many things you could do with your walls to liven up your rooms.

You can change the way your room looks completely with just changing the look of its walls. So think carefully before you start repainting or changing the appearance of your walls in any way and always visualize how it is going to look after the changes.

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