How to Keep your Outdoor Furniture New and Inviting

When you choose outdoor furniture pieces, you will certainly consider both of the look and function to make sure that they will live for long years. You can find wicker, wooden, plastic, and metal furniture that will look inviting and durable in your outdoor patio or garden. This article will guide you to the best way to keep such furniture pieces new for long times.

Protecting your outdoor furniture pieces from the direct sun rays is the best way to keep their shining look. You can keep them inside your patio most of the day hours or cover them with durable fabrics as easy ways of protection. The rain can directly damage wicker and wooden outdoor furniture; so you will need to keep them away from water.

It will be a great idea to finish your outdoor furniture pieces with a suitable protective coating to let them look new all the times. For example, you may need to apply a coat of paint or varnish to your metal outdoor furniture pieces to protect them from rust giving them a new look.

Try to keep such furniture pieces from the strong acids and wipe them using a mild detergent solution and a soft cloth to let them look new all the time. The wooden furniture need to be protected from mildew using mild detergent and water in addition to a bristle brush. You can cover your wooden furniture pieces with a layer of golden oil to protect them.

Your wicker outdoor furniture pieces will look new and inviting when you dust off the dirt from their surface and clean them using mild detergent and water regularly. You can cover such furniture pieces with canvass or any durable fabrics and wash these covers regularly to keep their new look.

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