How to Paint the Exterior Façade of Your Home


Do you feel that your home’s façade has an old look and need some changes? Actually, painting the exterior façade of your home in the right way will protect it from the environmental changes reflecting your personality and style clearly. If you need to do this project yourself, try to read the full article to get the basic information for such a project.

To paint the exterior façade of your home, you should have a prior experience in painting walls, whether they are the interior walls of your home or you may train yourself in a small part of your home. This experience will provide you a steady hand, confidence, strength, patience, and perseverance, which are necessary in your home façade painting project.The tools you need for this project are a tall ladder, high-quality painting brush, and a roller.

The colors you will choose for painting your home’s façade should go with the surrounding area reflecting features of your own personality at the same time.Begin by defining the technique of painting the wall and use the brush, spray, or roller according to the size of area you will paint. Make sure that the weather is perfect and divide the façade into parts to paint every single part without defects. Such defects can be the lap marks, brush marks, drips, runs, and sags. To avoid such defects, begin by a laying on stage where you will cover the area without creating runs and then apply a laying off stage where you will cover the paint of the previous stage and smooth your paint.

If you have stone façade, you will need to clean the surface of the stone, apply a weather-blocking layer, and paint the color you will chooser, but the natural colors in general will blend with this façade.