How to Paint your Kitchen Wooden Furniture

If you have an old looking kitchen and need to remodel that look, you can give your kitchen pieces a new coat of paint instead of changing them. Such a DIY project will need less money and more time to get a professional look at the end. This article will provide you a few tips to get that professional look.

The first step in your project is to define the colors that you will use. You can paint all your kitchen furniture pieces with the same color to create a unified look, or you can use different decorative colors to one piece to be the focal point of your kitchen. The color you will choose may create a new dimension or go with certain kitchen styles. For example, the dark brown and black furniture will blend well with the modern kitchen; especially if the walls are painted a light color.

To give your wooden furniture a brand new look, you can sand its pieces from inside and outside to reach the smooth surface and apply a base coat with the color that will add dimension and enhance your original color. Let that coat dry before you apply the next layer and try to use the perfect technique for the type of paint as you can use spray or roller in painting your furniture. You will need to place a piece of cloth or a plastic sheet on the countertop under your furniture to protect it from the dropping paint.

You can create geometrical patterns or stencils using contrasting colors to create a classic look. The most important trick is to use a steady hand to control the designs of the surface. To add the glossy touch on your furniture, you can paint your kitchen wooden furniture a shiny transparent color when the original color dries.

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