How to Provide Your Countertop a Faux Granite Look

Do you need to remodel the look of your kitchen, but don’t have enough money to change any of its components? Well, you will need just creative ideas and less money. What do you think about painting your countertops faux granite or acrylic? Actually, the new countertop will change the overall look of the place without affecting its function.

It doesn’t matter what is the material of your existing countertop, as you can cover the wooden, acrylic, fiberglass, marble, or plastic laminate surfaces with faux granite paint and you will have the same result in all cases. You need just to make sure that your countertops will not be submerged in water most of the time. Actually, you will get different shapes such as Bombay black, Jet-black, or Sicilian sand according to the used materials.

To apply the faux granite layer, you will need a roller, minerals,a sponge, aprimer, a clear topcoat, a foam brush, and practice poster paper in addition to small wooden pieces fix the holes and defects of your countertop.

After repairing the defects and smoothing the surfaces of your countertops, you apply a layer of primer using the foam brush and roller then cover such a layer with minerals using a piece of sponge. Now, your countertop is ready for a layer of topcoat to get the final look. If you need to add durability to your surface, you can apply a low odor and water-based polymer resin layer.

To keep the amazing look of your faux granite countertops, you can clean them using scouring pad and risen then with water and clean cloth. For more maintenance, you can apply a painter’s tape around the edges of your countertops regularly. Following the same steps, you can provide your countertops a faux acrylic finish.

Pics Via : acegemlabs

Pics Via : miyb