How To Redecorate Your Teen’s Room Upon Their Style & Personality

Teen’s spend most of their time in their bedrooms so it is necessary to create the perfect room to match their style, try to evaluate your child’s personality & add a few touches to make their room more appealing as it is the place where your teens study, sleep, play & inviting their friends so make sure you get the right ambiance to them. Try to involve the kids to redecorate their room as it will be a fun project for both of you but with offering them your affordable budget.

Paint is considered the easiest way to give any room a makeover, so bright colors is preferred for teen’s room than dark ones or they can add posters that will have great scenes matching their hobbies. Give your child the advice & try to help them in choosing their furniture but let them freely choose it according to their personality & to your budget as well, good storage in furniture or a good closet organizer is essential to avoid overcrowd in their room.

Hip furniture will suit personalities of teenagers so you can repaint the old furniture with colors they prefer, old lamps also can be covered with faux fur while old phones can be dressed with funky fabrics & accessories, adding shiny or colored knobs contrasting to the color of the wall will have a great effect too. Bean bags are very suitable for teen room’s style with its bright colors, turning their curtains to blinds will be more easier & functional on using them as they got different designs that can match a teen’s room.

Loft beds is very popular for teen’s room with studying desk beneath the bed to save more space in the room as these beds can be full sized ones with different colors & designs. Wall shelves will also be useful for books or electronic appliances plus hanging some photographs, drawing & paintings that will bring a fantastic look to the room. Finally we must find what essential, practical is & comfort for their needs.

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