How to Remodel Your Home Keeping its Distinctive Features with Craftsman Design and Renovation

Remodeling your old or historic home can be a disturbing project, as you may lose the distinctive features of the place. When you hire an interior designer or plan for the remodel yourself, you should define the features you need to keep and set your plan accordingly.

Your home remodel project may include the style and color of your interior. For example, Wade Freitag and his team members in Craftsman Design and Renovation renovate SE Hawthorne District Kitchen create an open home design with reflective surfaces and high-end appliances keeping the original wall colors and the simple moldings creating an eclectic look in the place. In an East Moreland home, the team members create a whole remodel and install new moldings to provide the place a historic touch in a new way.

If you have an original historic home, you can keep its historic look and remodel just a few features to refresh the place. In a Bungalow historic home, Freitag and his team provide an existing fireplace a historic look using stained wood and original Batch-elder tiles with similar tiles on the floor.

In a mid-century home, the Craftsman team keeps the beamed ceiling, brick walls, and walnut sleek cabinets to provide the place a warm feel installing high-end appliances and glossy surfaces at the same time.

The architectural details usually reflect the artistic sense of your predecessors and the treasure of your family; so, you should keep them or add a few details to enhance such a look. The ceiling and window white moldings of Christie and Robert’s great room provide the place an authentic look with white furniture and a touch of modern accents to refresh the look of the place.