How To Renew Your Table Design With Adding An Amazing Appeal To It

Tables are very important furniture piece in our home as it is used in more than one room as it can be useful for using them or adding with them a decorative touch to a nook but just placing table in your room is not enough for decoration but we can add some simple touches that will remodel our table to look more attractive & amazing plus its main use, here we will know how to choose table clothes & accessories to complement the appearance of your room.

Off course dining room has the largest table in our home as it can be with different designs as rectangular, oval or circular & with different sizes too, dining table cloth can be used according to the occasion as the everyday use cloth will differ from the occasional one so you can choose the suitable one according to your needs, to add a great look for the table you can add linen or fabric covers, linen ones are made from different materials like cotton, polyester, silk with high end tables crocheted, embroidered or made of lace to give an elegant view to the table but in this case dry clean is better for keeping it stunning, adding white or ivory flowers on the table center with silver candle holders by both ends will give the final elegant appeal.

The perfect colors for dining table linen is white, ivory or pastel that can match with the napkins color, the linen can be draped from 8-12 inches on each side but for more formal look we can drape it to 30 inches or more to stick the floor as this will be appropriate for lavish celebrations, measuring the table dimensions before choosing the cover is very urgent to choose the right size according to its use.

Rounded linen tables covers small tables such as cake ones in the living room or the reception as we can put small rounded linen with floral small patterns as it can match formal mood rooms but linens with bolder patterns or upholstered ones is suitable for the living room center table with adding some flower, candles or small hand crafted wooden or metal pieces to have a different look to your table & the room too.