How to Turn Your Home into an Entertaining Home with Bartelt the Remodeling Resource

Do you have a rustic, classic, or modern home full of stress and formal elements? What is your concept of enjoyment? Whatever your interests, the designs of Bartelt will inspire you to turn your home into an enjoying and entertaining place.
The entertaining home should reflect your personality and let you be happy and relaxed most of the day.

For example, you can enjoy having food and drinks with your friends and performing family parties; so, you should turn your kitchen into an inviting space. Bartelt remodels a rustic farmhouse kitchen creating an island with cherry top to let the visitors have food and another island with a marble top for preparing food. The white painted cabinets and walls with walnut floor and natural light create an enjoying space.

In a contemporary kitchen remodel, Bartelt and his team a long island with a cherry countertop for preparing food and a granite one for having food and drinks. The frosted glass cabinet doors and colorful pendant lights enhance the entertaining feel of the place.

The real meaning of entertaining yourself can be to play with your friends, family members, or children and have food at the same time. If you have a basement or an attic, you can create an open design that contains a kitchen, a playroom, and a living space. The playroom can include a game table or your favorite sport instrument.

If your enjoyment is to be relaxed and comfortable, it will be a great idea to create a spa-like bathroom, a retreat bedroom, or a quite reading nook. You can mimic Bartelt’s rustic remodel, as he creates a clutter-free bedroom with light colored walls, dark floor, and patterned beddings. In a certain corner, the designer installs built-in bookshelves with a seating area near the window to let the family members enjoy reading in a warm environment.