How to Waterproof Your Basement

Many basements in older homes are damp or leaky and it’s a big problem but don’t worry we produce you a lot of solutions through this article. Here, we produce you essential steps that might help you to keep the water out.

Firstly, you should check if the water flows away from the house. To removes water away from the foundation of your house and prevent the formation of puddles, you should install a sump pump or French drain system.

Make sure your gutters are clean, and make sure your downspouts are discharging their water at least 5 feet away from your foundation. To help your basement to dry faster, then consider placing rocks or gravel around the periphery of the basement construction. Rocks and gravel will also absorb moisture from the basement.

If you are looking for a tool that can absorb excess moisture from your living space, then you need to buy a house dehumidifier. Keep in mind that rotted roots can create a path for surface water to flow down to your foundation so you ought to keep plantings at least 12″ away from your foundation.

Another great way to protect your foundation from water flow is to consider insulating the water pipes. In case you have a tight budget and your house doesn’t have a good efficient system for collecting the rainwater or melted snow, then you should install new gutters and downspouts.

Installing metal window wells for your basement windows is a great idea to keep your basement area dry. Another great way is waterproof your walls with a product such as Drylok or Xypex. If there are some defects or cracks in your concrete walls, then you should repair these defects immediately.

To prevent weeping of the interior walls of your basement, then you need to get rid of any loose paint, mortars or cracks and repaint the walls with a high quality basement waterproofing paint.

To pump the excess water up, install a sump. A sump is a practical way to keep your basement dry as it is a hole in your basement floor which contains a pump. Its role begin when the water level in the sump rises too high, a pump kicks on and draws the water out of the sump.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about how to waterproof your basement.