How to Get a Wonderful Tuscan Interior House Design

If you love the house style that makes you feel warm, living in a fantasy and vintage era with unique textures, Tuscan style is the perfect choice for your
house style.

Tuscan style reflects Tuscany with its rich olive groves and vineyards that are dotted in its landscapes. This style is rare; it is hard to keep up with its new fashion! However, today and here, you will know how to make your own house a piece of the
charming Tuscany. The key of Tuscan style is its colors. Whether in walls, floors, furniture or even lightings, it doesn’t matter if it’s the living room or the kitchen! It would still be a nice place to stay in.

Talking about living rooms, paint the walls with either texture paint or cover with tiles like textured terracotta tiles. The way you allocate the tiles will express this style. Choose vintage furniture style, like wooden designs and textured pillows. Even for curtains, use colors as orange and, cream. Notice the length and width of the curtain; depending on the window size itself.

Warm and attractive colors, as red and gold with organic metals pieces, like wooden lamps and iron candlestick do express this style. Add a green plant in the corner with a table that has Tuscan-styled tabletop fountain as a final touch. A Tuscan kitchen is a spot to gather in. Whether it is big or small, the basic things you need are a group of wine bottles, a bowl of fresh bread, greenies and a Tuscan or solid dark shade color for your table runner. Don’t forget to decorate the splash guard.

Reaching the bedroom, use natural colors, like brown, olive or red and some texture as suede and leather for anything in the bedroom. A mirror is needed to enlarge the room and some greenies to add a soft touch. Beautify the room with intimate accessories and personal memories.

Details can make a difference. For example, if you wish to have a rustic bedroom focus on natural choices. Unlike romantic bedrooms, focus on white color and wooden details. Moreover, you can change to formal style with vintage furniture and Italian paintings. Tuscan bathroom decoration is a definite masterpiece of your house with its scrolled ironwork, ceramic tiles and marble. Go for light base and dark shades or stucco texture for the walls. Move to the accessories and use vintage style always. An ancient painting would reflect the charm of this style, for example.

In addition, choosing what to put in your bathroom is what will enhance and guaranty a wonderful Tuscan style. Open bathroom shelving, placing a baroque towel stand next to the bathtub, or a wrought iron vanity would look amazing if you have the required space. Not even to mention the Italian pieces that would reflect a great look with its full marble or tile floor or detailed stones.