The Ideal Way to Create an Additional Family Kitchen from the Designs of AHMANN LLC

Whether you have a large or a small house, you should make use of every space including the basement, the garage, and the attic. Still, you can affiliate an additional space to your house to use as a family kitchen with or without a seating area. Here are a few ways to create a family kitchen inspired from the designs of AHMANN LLC architectural firm.

When you intend to remodel your old home, try to make use of every part of the place professionally. In one of Washington, DC houses, AHMANN LLC tries to make use of useless garage in the bottom floor to create a kitchen, a living area, and a home office space.

The kitchen is open to the outdoor patio, yet it has plenty of the modern appliances to provide the place a functional look and give the family members warm and friendly times together. The windows and doors of the kitchen provide the place a plenty of natural light along with the pendant lights installed in the beamed ceiling. In the upper story, the designer creates a large bedroom and master bedroom for all of the family members.

AHMANN LLC team restructures a small space at the back end of one of Washington houses to create a new kitchen near to the outdoor garden. The designer uses brown stained cabinets, island, and chairs along with white walls and ample lights to create a sense of balance in the place.

Similarly, the same team creates a family kitchen with large skylights in the raised ceiling in the extra architectural addition beside the deck. In addition to the skylight, the glass door and windows provide the place plenty of natural light.

In Bethesda, Maryland, AHMANN LLC team design an additional wing in an existing house a breakfast room, a kitchen, a guest powder room, and a library. The designers use French windows and doors in addition to built-in cabinets to unify the look of the whole place. The traditional style, white walls and side lighting provide the place a unique charm. In Washington, the team creates a kitchen in the back of an existing garage with a high shaped ceiling, white cabinets, and black countertops and appliances.