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Ideas for the Bamboo Beaded Door Curtains of your Traditional Decorated Home

The bamboo beaded door curtain is a perfect choice for the entryways and as a room divider instead of the metal or wooden screens. Such curtains come with different designs and can be customized to match your home decor andcomplement the look of your furniture.

The bamboo beaded door curtain will perfectly match your eco-friendly design because it is fully made of natural durable materials. Such a curtain can give you the degree of privacy you need as it will not keep your privacy as the metal or wooden doors and will not be transparent like the normal curtains because it is made of beaded strands. The curtain can cover the door way, a storage area, or another section of the room. In addition to this main function, the bamboo beaded curtain can serve as a ventilation source to the room and a decorative part of your traditional, retro, or contemporary home.

The advantage of the bamboo beaded curtain is that it is easy to be installed, clean, and maintain. You can install one using glue, glue gun, nails, and hummer. The curtain needs to be clean regularly by a vacuum or feather duster or even a piece of cloth. The furniture polisher will help the curtain look new and shiny. The handcrafted bamboo beaded curtain will give yourhome a unique and authentic look with low or medium price according to the design you need.

The curtain has fixed patterns and designs to suite almost every home décor.The bright white curtain with hand painted clouds will complement your natural themed furniture. You can paint the bamboo curtain several times according to the changing decors in your home. This way, you will be able to keep your privacy and decorate the home using one item.

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