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Ideas for Decorating a Living Room in Brown

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll of us know exactly the importance of the living room so we should bring furnishings that provide ease, comfort, and splendor for our lounge design. Here are 8 ideas for decorating your living room in brown:

Firstly, before decorating your living room in brown, you should determine which color is pleasing to your eyes and you can ask yourself is it going to be light, medium or dark brown.

2- In case your living room and your kitchen are next to each other, and your kitchen cabinets are made of wooden materials, then you should opt for the brown furnishings as they will give an attractive combination to the cabinets.

3- If you want to add another color to your brown living room, opt for green as the combination of brown and green will create an environmental atmosphere in your living room, and will make you feel cool and calm.

4- Green is essential, especially if you are a bit stressed as it relieves stress and unrest.

5- Don’t make your living room four walls painted a dark brown as this will be boring, so you should change one of your living room walls to a lighter shade.

6- There are various shades of brown to choose from, such as subdued mocha, light tan, and beige.

7- If you want to create a dramatic contrast in your living room, then try to pair different shades of brown from the light hues to the dark ones.

8- If you love nature, then you can add ocean and sea paintings on your living room walls. Finally, to add sophistication to your brown living room, then you should get brown or blue curtains with prints.

You can conceive your desired decoration by grasping muse from the following photographs about 8 ideas for decorating a living room in brown.