Ideas for Modern Kitchen Designs, colors and lights

A kitchen is the busiest area in house so you will need innovative ideas that will help you to enjoy your time during preparation your delicious meals.

Add pizzazz to your kitchen with the perfect color palette through these instructions:

Colors and light:

You have to avoid too many colors in the kitchen so the best option is to go for a two colored theme. You should also try to avoid a black and steel colored kitchen.

If you love nature, then aqua blue or green walls with some portions of the walls painted white are all that you need.

Innovative idea is getting half lavender and half white walls with black appliances and steel furniture.

Its better for you to have a plenty of light in your kitchen so as to be able to access to items and have obvious light for preparation food. White soft lights are popular in modern kitchens.

To brighten the whole kitchen area and create a fabulous environment, use glass doors with internal lighting.

For a unique look, hang some modern design lamps that go with your kitchen decor.

Kitchen designs:

If you want design that blend functionality with elegance, just go for the zone centered design, this design is based on division of kitchen into several zones such as cooking, cleaning, baking, eating and storing.

The zone centered design will facilitate the access to items that you want. Another amazing kitchen design is the classic triangle design.

The classic triangle design is practical as it revolves around three stations, the range, refrigerator and kitchen sink. The placement of these stations often results in a triangle, referred as ‘work triangle’.

The classic triangle design purpose is to arrange the three stations in such a way that the working area in the kitchen is optimized.

Keep in mind if you get the classic triangle design, you will have to place the kitchen island out of this triangle because the space at the center of the triangle should be free.

Kitchen floor layouts:

The most popular kitchen floor layout is galley kitchen as it includes kitchen set up along the two parallel walls in the kitchen, with a narrow space in between.

Likewise, an L-shaped kitchen allows ample free space to move around.  A U-shaped kitchen is best suited for large kitchens. It has a great merit as it can easily allow multiple cooks to work independently.

Remember, an L-shaped countertop or U shaped countertop works very well for an outdoor kitchen.

Decoration definitely needs inspiration and you can get some by eyeing the next amazing pictures for modern kitchen designs, colors and lights.

Pic via : freshome