5 Ideas for Stunning Lighting Decoration

Lighting is one of the strongest points in the decoration of any room. However, not everyone can change the lighting works and fixtures they have in their houses for many reasons. One might be renting and is not allowed to change the lighting fixtures, or they simply might not have enough budget to change them. There are – however-ways to work around these limitations.

1- Renew your lampshades. Get rid of the old dirty patterned shades and get new ones in classic drum pendant style in white and beige. This will spice up how your lamps look. In addition, lampshades are a great way for imprinting your room with the style you want.

2- If you are into arts and crafts you could redecorate the lampshades yourself, and it will even cost you less then buying new lampshades. With a hot glue gun, ribbons, lace, embroidery and beads you can give your lampshades the makeover they need.

3- Another trick you could use for decorating your lighting is painting the hardware. Imagine having a wall spotlight or candelabras with a lovely golden finish, or at least it was lovely before it faded over time. Do you leave it as it is? No! You can repaint the golden finish using metallic paint like metal effects, sprays in metallic colors or any similar products.

4- The light bulbs can be seen in your lighting works. Therefore, choosing lighting bulbs that look good will improve the overall look of your lighting works and your decor as well. Something like plumen light bulbs or globe pendants look gorgeous.

5- Install new hardware to the lighting fixtures. Home improvement and hardware stores sell bulb covers, chains and decorative cords. Therefore, if the lighting hardware looks ugly, change it with new hardware. You will find that installing them is rather easy.

Making your lighting look better will improve how your room looks a lot. Make your room brighter and better with new beautiful lighting.