5 Ideas to Decorate Your Home With Zebra Print

For people who love to add beautiful modern decorating ideas to their home, zebra print furnishing should be on the top of the list. Retailers specializing in home furnishings, artwork, and accessories all offer a range of animal print options at a wide range of prices. But unlike any other animal print, zebra print are decoratively, very versatile. This versatility is coming from the natural black and white appearance of that great animal. These amazing black and white stripe patterns can represent a great modern addition to your home and will boost the entire decoration in an incredible way. If you want to know how to add zebra print in your home decoration, Readout!

1. You can add a modern touch to your kitchen by adding a zebra print wall clock or a set of vases on the shelf above the sink. These stylish striped vases will look amazing even in case you didn’t fill them with flowers and they will not take any considerable space.

2. If you want to use the zebra print on a wide scale, you can replace your current furniture with zebra print furniture, but this idea might be costly so you can consider zebra print slipcovers for your living room set. To balance the entire look, add some black and white accessories or add a few splashes of bright color for a dramatic effect.

3. For your bathroom, you can add zebra print curtains to your bathroom window or a rug on the floor. Such small touches will give the bathroom a modern look without affecting your budget.

4. Zebra-print chairs can be a great idea to decorate your dining room, bedroom, or living room. A zebra chaise lounge in a master bedroom suite is absolutely stunning and to complete the look add a pretty pillow or another color such as green or blue or purple. For the living room, a pair of zebra print, low back, tub style chairs will look extremely fabulous and will impress your guests. A set of zebra print dining chairs or even just a pair mixed in with your existing dining chairs can transform the dining room into an elegant and trendy space for your guests to enjoy a terrific meal with excellent hosts.

5. For your wall decorations, there are many different kinds of artwork that have been created with zebras as the subject. Hang the painting or print of your choice over the mantle or on your bedroom wall to pull together the rest of the accessories you have added to your home.