Ideas to decorate living room

People who like sailing try to take their hobby to their living rooms. Find out how to innovate decoration of living room with a sailboat motif in a magical mood.

Think of a big sailboat to beautify living room seating place. That will be astonishing on a fireplace or a bare wall. It will be wonderful if you show smaller sailboats on a shelf. This attracts the eyes of visitors.

One or two good models will be better than a lot of ordinary pieces.

A living room without colors is a lifeless room. Sailboat d├ęcor needs spirit of ocean, great lakes and shore blue water. Give atmosphere of wooden houses using sea blue color, green colors and sand yellow color in pillows. A sofa table and a cabinet painted in vivid colors will add much to your living room.

We can use dried grass in decorative containers to adorn the living room. This gives the atmosphere of sea to your living room.

Using creative ideas, make you feel you are in a bigger living room. It is necessary to adorn the place you feel comfortable in to enjoy your activities.

Use multi-purpose furniture, made especially for small living room like sleeper lounge to serve by day as living room and at night as bed room.

Furniture lifted upon hips , armless chairs and harmony of furniture with wall colors give feeling of width, too.

Light has a great role in making you feel that the living room is spacious. Showcases, glass and metals that reflect light can help the imagined space.

Painting ceilings in shiny light sky blue color give the feeling of height.

Arrange your books on shelves aesthetically. Transportable furniture can be hidden in closets and used for guests. Show your designing style through chairs decorated with nice covers.

Apply these thoughts to adorn your living room and make it appear spacious.