Ideas on How to Integrate a TV in the Living Room

The living room is a versatile room as you can watch an exciting movie, meet with friends or even have delicious meals within it. Therefore, you need to make your living room all comfortable, cozy, useful and beautiful. A TV is a hallmark of the living room as it brings the family together for some TV fun and games.

You should get a small coffee table in your living room for placing snacks and games around the TV and the seating area. For an elegant look to your living room, opt for the glass top coffee table.

For an impressive lighting in your living room, opt for recess lighting. Adding some plants in your living room can liven up it. If you have a small living room, then you should opt for flat screens TV as a flat screen TV can stand alone up on the TV stand that can be low and compact.

Then best idea is to mount your TV to your wall over the fire place or over the sofa table, and hidden by framed art or mirror. If you have HDTV, then you should place seating far away eight feet from the screen.

For an enjoyable ambiance for your living room, opt for furniture that provides comfort while viewing a TV. Using a long sofa facing the TV, side chairs on rotating bases or recliners is the best choice.

Place end tables within easy reach of each chair and a coffee table in front of the sofa. To bring a theatre feeling in your living room, use blackout curtains and lighting that can be dimmed. To get extra space and benefit from your living room corner, then you need to get a corner television unit, such as oak corner TV stand.

For a fantastic living room, opt for a corner television unit as the corner of your living room offers the most accessibility to the screen, enabling as many people as possible to receive the ideal viewing angle of the TV as possible.

You can get inspiration from the following pictures about 12 ideas on how to integrate a TV in the living room.


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