The Impact of Ceiling upon Your Bedroom Décor by Mary DeWalt

The ceiling is a fifth wall in any room that can incredibly change the overall look, mood, size, and effect of the whole place. Such a ceiling can affect the visual size, style, and mood of the place using a few and simple touches such as floor-to-ceiling headboard and wardrobe, crisp white surrounding, a pop of fresh color, or fun features. Mary DeWalt and her team will highlight the effect of such a ceiling upon your bedroom and show how to use such an effect to remodel the look of the place any time.

If you feel that your bedroom ceiling is low, the vaulted white or towering ceiling looks a suitable option. Contrarily, the dark colored ceiling will be a perfect option in your bedroom, as it can enhance the cozy and romantic mood in the placed creating a feel of low ceiling at the same time.

If you need to enhance the contrast between the walls and ceiling and the different colored floor, furniture and accessories, Mary DeWalt recommends painting the ceiling the same color of the wall.

When you sleep and look at the ceiling to think about your last and coming days, the ceiling can help you think peacefully or distract you. The suspended ceiling with natural views such as clouds or stars with blue background are perfect to agitate your ideas, but you can still set such a ceiling as the focal point of the place using patterns, mosaic tiles, strips, or checkerboards to cover such a fifth wall.

Mary DeWalt and her team tend to use the white ceiling with plenty of lighting fixtures, but you can still provide your dated traditional bedroom a fresh and charming look using wallpaper with your favorite color and pattern.