he Importance of Multifunctional Furniture in Your Vacation Home by Challie Stillman

Because it is your second house, you will certainly invest less fortune and consume less space than your original home. However, you may need extra furniture pieces if you will receive your friends or more family members during your stay. For this, Challie Stillman, the design director of Resource Furniture team, recommends the multifunctional furniture in your vacation home.

The multifunctional seating furniture will keep the clean and uncluttered look in your vacation home providing you extra seating space whenever you need. The Flex sofa, for example, can serve with its right, left, front, and back as a seating area and a coffee table to adapt with your needs. The Toda bench with an eco-leather cover is another interesting piece, as you can extend it for seven sitting members and a console table.

As a multifunctional space, the bunk wall bed system, Murphy beds, and sofa beds will be the perfect sleeping spaces. Stillman and her team design an Altea book sofa wall-bed with a modern touch and twin or intermediate size to save your vacation house’s space.

Such a smart bed has storage spaces along the two sides and under the mattress to enhance the functionality of your vacation home and enhance the clean look of the place. The Circle Sofa is another innovative horizontally opening wall bed that can accommodate up to three seating or sleeping people and display your books and small items with its open shelves.

If you are a freelancer or a homework lover, your vacation home will need a room unit such as Poppi theater board, a vertically opening Telemaco workplace, or a LGM Tavolo board, as they include queen-size wall beds, floor-to-ceiling and rotating shelves, TV units, and fold down tables or desks.