3 Important Elements You Have to Consider before Decorating Your Room

Decorating your living room is neither an easy nor a trivial matter. People usually are called messy because they have made few bad choices considering their living room colors and furniture, and when guests see these choices or their effects they label a certain family slobby or messy. You have to take some things into consideration if you are planning to decorate your living room. Here they are:

1- The size of the room is the most important factor in your living room design planning. Dependant on the size, your choice of furniture will be varied. You might have to settle for a couch, a coffee table or an ottoman and a TV set. On the other hand, you might have enough space to get more things and put few ornaments and end tables here and there.

2- Another factor you have to consider when decorating your living room is how much it is used. For example, a living room for a working couple who are not around most hours of the day (at work or sleeping) has to be furnished and decorated differently from the living rooms of people who have a number of kids and pets. Living rooms that aren’t used much can be furnished lavishly with expensive decorations and light colors. On the other hand, in living rooms that are used a lot one has to choose durable materials and colors that are easy to clean.

3- The third factor you need to consider here is design. You have to choose a design that goes with the rest of the house. Also, choose a design that conveys the ambiance this room is intended to give. Living room that give off a feeling of energy and fun are decorated differently than those decorated with the purpose of relaxation. With these tips, some clever planning and some creativity you will have the living room of your dreams.

Pics Via : freshome