Important Information About How To Choose & Maintain Leather Furniture

Choosing leather furniture is not an easy decision, as it is more preferable to have the traditional wooden & fabric furniture for its easily cleaning with affordable price, although leather furniture is adding classy & rich appearance to our home but we know little about its types & cleaning ways. Here we can offer you some information about how to choose & maintain your leather furniture easily.

Let us talk first about where can we place the leather furniture, off course it is mostly recommended for offices for its classy appearance & durability but for home we can furnish our living room or the chairs of our dining room with different materials & colors of leather, it can matches also classic or contemporary styles as it reflects comfort specially for recliners & it can adjust to your body temperature even in winter or summer plus off course its chic appeal & durability that lasts many years longer than fabrics. There are different leather kinds & materials from genuine ones to artificial ones.

Top grain leather is the best quality & durable but is very expensive one, Aniline finish is the best pieces of top grain leather as it looks naturally having dye to offer different colors also Nubuck is a top grain leather with sanded outside surface & not allowed to any pigment but with very high cost as its very strong & durable so this kind can be used as show piece or for an occasional use, Split leather is the underside of the skin as it is less durable & it is recommended for unusual colored piece of furniture with affordable price. Another leather kind with less quality & low cost is the Pull Up kind which is coated with heavy wax & oil on the surface with slippery feel but with attractive look & finally Match kind is good for limited budget but not for a life time as it is not a quality piece.

Now after choosing the appropriate kind to us we have to know how to keep it elegant & last for a life time, First of all try to keep leather furniture away from direct sun & heat as they can damage them. Periodic cleaning & conditioning with special cleaning products will keep your leather in good condition & remains attractive.