Important Tips to have the Most Amazing Backsplash

The first thing to do before you buy your kitchen black splash is to take a deep look at your kitchen design, then start thinking of the style whether traditional or contemporary that will fit your taste and your needs. If you are designing or remodeling your kitchen, make sure to choose the backsplash color and material matching with your entire kitchen design especially the floor and the countertop. Take the depth and the length of the backsplash area so, you can determine how much tiles you will need.

You need to determine the places where you will install the backsplash before you choose its material. For example, tile material is the best option for the backsplash above the stove and stainless steal is perfect behind the sink. When you choose the material, make sure to choose it durable, heat resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

When you choose the backsplash material, you should consider your kitchen size. For example, if you have a small kitchen, go for glass tiles or mirrored, they will give your kitchen a shiny look and will make it look larger. If you have a large kitchen, go for colorful mosaic tiles, they will give your large kitchen such a great look.

While shopping for your backsplash you may feel a little puzzled about the materials and colors, etc, so go for shopping and bring some samples home, try it on the backsplash area and make your decision. Ok, I know you want to know how large the budget should be; well the backsplash price will be determined according to your choice and your kitchen space. But, you can make a little trick that saves you money by mixing different types.

For example, determine your kitchen focal point like the cook top and install an expensive backsplash material in this area and choose less expensive materials for the rest of your kitchen. Before you install your backsplash, clean the wall with some warm soapy water and wait for it until it becomes completely dry. Make sure that the wall is firm enough to stand the weight of the backsplash material you chose.

You can use a help of a designer to install your backsplash or you can do it your self, it’s up to you. You have variety of layouts to choose from when you install your backsplash, you can choose the horizontal, vertical, zigzag or diagonal layout, just notice that some layouts like the diagonal may require more tiles than others.

Pics Via : decoist