Impressive Bed Curtain Designs

Bed curtains add elegance and warm to your master or kid’s bedrooms. Choosing the right colors and fabrics for such kitchens will let your little girl feel that she is a princess and will give your room a romantic look and feel.

The ceiling mounted bed curtain will perfectly match your little girl’s modern bedroom. You can use standard curtain rods mounted on the ceiling to create a cozy and clean look giving your daughter a relaxing and luxurious look. If you love the fairytales, you may design a similar curtain in your own bedroom with white color to match any décor or with the light shade of the room’s color. Your bed curtain can be hanged using an L shaped rod mounted to the ceiling and paint the wall behind your bed a different color to create an optical illusion in the room. The round rod hanged on the center of your ceiling will give the place a royal and elegant look.

The fabric of your impressive bed curtain can be decided according to the style of your master bedroom. The transparent or silk fabrics will match your modern bedroom as they will add elegance to the place. You can install toil patterned curtain with the same patterns and colors of the wall and window coverings to add a cozy feel to the room. Such a curtain will create a soothing retreat to be abler to be more relaxed in your most private place at home.

You can begin a DIY project to install a curtain to your bed. You can use wooden dowels, thumb tacks, and a suitable curtain fabric and insert the dowels through your curtain and installing it to your ceiling. Instead, you can install curtain rods above the sides of your bed or one rod above the headboard according to the feel you need to create.

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Pics Via : keelvi