Impressive Copper Furniture and Accessories for Traditional homes

The metal accessories are the best match for your traditional style as they will increase the luxurious look of the place. You can find copper pendants, tables, candleholders, and chairs with different designs to give your traditional home an authentic look.

The elegant and impressive antique copper furniture pieces will blend perfectly with your traditional home. For example, you can place an elegant corner cabinet with its six spacious shelves at almost any room to reduce the clutter of the place and organize your items. The striking copper desk has hand hammered surface with a decorative base that has impressive details will be a piece of art in your home. You can place a traditional copper storage rack at the corner of your living or dining room to display your collection of antiques.

You can incorporate traditional copper accessories such as wastebaskets, pillow covers, lampshades, and candleholders to your bedroom as they will maintain the authentic look of the place. Your traditional living room will be impressive by a copper coffee table, a vase, and sofa frames. You can even incorporate such accessories to your traditional kitchen installing pendants above the dining area with a candleholder at the middle of the table and matching kitchen utensils. Actually, these accessories will keep the cozy feel giving the place a slightly reflective look at the same time.

Your bathroom will look impressive with a copper faucet on the shape of a bird. Such a faucet is available with crystals on the handles to give your traditional bathroom a modern touch. The oxidizing copper rooftop has untreated copper surface to give your home a natural oxidization that can change the color of the light in the room from golden brown to turquoise. Such a design is popular in Belgium and north Europe, but you can apply the idea in your one or two-floor home.