Impressive DIY Lamp Projects to Decorate your Bedroom

Illuminating your home in a creative way is a perfect decoration for your bedroom as you will sleep and wake up comfortably. When you design such lighting fixtures yourself, you will be proud of your abilities; thus, you will have more self-confidence and will try to be creative in different sides of your life.

Your table lamp is the first part you see every morning in your bedroom. Thus, you can design a lampshade for the existing table lamp using discarded books or even fabrics with the height you need. You can find pictures or colors to enhance the theme of your bedroom in such books. If you have artistic talents, you can create a faux flower out of durable and colorful paper or golden chevr onto be a decorative lampshade.

The wire waste basket will be a lovely decorative option as you can create or even purchase lighting strings to wrap around your basket.If you already love the engineering shapes, the geometric wire or painted wooden lamp will be a minimal but impressive design in your lovely bedroom.

You can refresh the look of your old artificial flowers installing small bulbs with the same color of the flower to its center. Actually, this project will entirely change the look of your bedroom. If you need to create a romantic feel in the room, try to install colorful lights to normal small hearts or even ping pong balls and hang them in different parts of the room.

Your DIY project may include a floor lamp using a few wood rods for the stand, a hot glue gun, wire cutter. Roll of twine, and lamp kit. When you install the pieces of your lamp accurately, you will certainly enjoy the creative look of your new looking bedroom.