Impressive DIY Projects with Different Fabrics to Decorate Your Home

Are you fascinated with the DIY projects, especially that need creativity and accuracy? If so, you will certainly like the coming projects and apply them adding your personal touch. Let us look at these projects and decide what will perfectly match your home.

You can decorate the floor of any room including the kitchen using your handmade fabric rope rug. Making such a rug will need an extended strip of cloth or a rope and a needle or a machine. You will begin to wrap the cloth or rope in a slanting method to get a round shape and use the needle or machine to combine the parts and finish your rug. The piece of cloth or rope you use can have different colors or a unified color according to the room it will be placed in.

The handmade butterflies can be a result of different materials such as fabrics, wire, or even metal. For example, you can use a plastic sheet on the shape of a butterfly decorated with colorful swirls outlined with white fabric.

You can make this butterfly with different sizes to decorate different parts of your home such as the wall, furniture, and old containers. You can even draw a butterfly on a paper and sew a white or colorful shape using wool, string, or wire according to the available items.

The awesome paper flower wall art can be made in different ways using white and colorful pieces of paper in addition to a sense of creativity and innovation. At first, try to create circular scallops with different sizes, then roll these scallops on a pencil, and fix the center of the flower with glow to make sure that the flower shape is complete.The green branches can be made of wrapped paper and can stick to the wall using glue or even foam.

Pics Via : dellacooks