Impressive Handmade Outdoor Fountain Design Ideas

Surely, you will like to spend amusing times in your outdoor garden enjoying the peaceful look of the green plants and fresh water flowing through your outdoor fountain. However, if you have not a fountain, you will deprive yourself from this pleasure. Why do not you try to create your own outdoor fountain using simple or luxuries materials according to your budget.

The essential part of your handmade outdoor fountain is the base that includes a reservoir, a water pump, and tubes. The reservoir is a plastic or wooden container above or under the ground. Such a reservoir will be connected to the water pump that has the needed power to push the water up and give your fountain that attractive look. If your reservoir and pump will be under the ground, you will dig a hole for them, but your pump should be accessible.

The external design of your outdoor fountain will differ according to your available budget and creativity. For example, you may create a small concrete fountain with a round form and an open at the middle. You can cover the base fountain with plywood circles and wrap stainless sheets of metal and foam sill sealer.

To give your outdoor garden a natural look, the artesian fountain will be your best choice. You will need just to bring these special pieces of stone and arrange them to let the water flow delicately on the top of every piece of stone.

The luxurious fountain will certainly be the focal point of your outdoor garden. The white marble fountain with potted ferns and hydrangeas will create a magical sense of harmony and peace in the place. You can create more fun and design a Moorish-style wall fountain where the water flows delicately through the semi-circular pots on the wall.