Impressive Modern Arabic Style Home Design Ideas

The modern Arabic home design is a combination of Mediterranean and Moroccan styles with a modern sleek touch. You will, certainly, love that design, as it will combine luxury with elegance giving you a chance to reveal several features of your personality in the place.
The Arabic architectural details have a special look that will give the place an interior and exterior unique luxury. Such architectural details can be made of white, golden, or colorful gypsum or wood and applied to the ceiling and columns. The windows and doors of your Arabic style rooms should have similar details from the interior and exterior sides to give the place a harmonized look. You can create a special luxurious look in a certain room using mosaic tiles with Islamic designs or even wallpaper with the same effect.
The Arabic style furniture pieces combine the colors of the Mediterranean style with the designs of Syrian and Moroccan cultures with a strong modern touch. For example, your Arabic living room will look perfect with a mother pearl inlaid octangular coffee table and upholstered ottomans in addition to the Arabic patterned area rug that will provide the place a warm and special look. The mosaic looking wood inlay covering the rest of your home furniture will give the whole home a unique Arabic feel.
The Arabic effect can be created by window shades on the shape of Arabic details for a budget friendly option. Other accessories like the calligraphy art or Islamic framed pictures hung on the wall will be another inexpensive trick to add an Arabic look to the place. The colors used in such a modern Arabic home should be rich and inviting reflecting the Mediterranean feel at the same time. For example, you can use white accent color with rich blue, brown, or red according to the mood you need to create.