Impressive Modern Bathroom Ceiling and Wall Lighting Ideas

The natural light’s effect upon your bathroom is undoubtedly irrefutable, but the place should include functional and decorative lighting fixtures to create visual interest providing you the needed relaxation and comfort. You can install innovative bathroom ceiling and wall lights according to the size of the place and the mood you need to create.

The flexible LED ceiling lights are excellent to create marvelous shapes in your bathroom ceiling. Using such lights, you will be able to create round, square, or irregular shapes according to the lines of your ceiling architectural designs. You will certainly install a layer of foil to protect your ceiling from your lighting fixtures’ overheating. If your modern ceiling includes a suspended ceiling, you can install hidden lights using polyurethane foam to spread lights around your bathroom in an aesthetic way.

Your modern bathroom walls will certainly enhance the beauty of the place using two powerful lighting fixtures at the sides of the mirrors and decorative lights along the frame of the ceiling. If such lights are directed to the ceiling, you will reveal the beauty of your ceiling architectural designs making them the focal point of the place.

You may need LED lights in the shower rack or under the shelves installed to the walls to increase the aesthetic look of the place. You can set the wall behind your bathtub as the focal point of your bathroom installing small white or colorful bulbs around an artwork hanged on the wall.

Installing 3D architectural designs and lights at the flat ceiling and walls will create a unique look in your bathroom.You can use this technology to give your bathroom a certain theme without installing additional accessories to give the place a clean and stylish look. Your choice to such lights should rely mainly on your own taste to provide you the utmost feel of relaxation and comfort.