Impressive Modern Farmhouse Design Ideas

The farmhouse interior design is famous for its elegant, classic, and comfortable furniture in addition to a wide variety of the antique accessories. However, you can design an impressive farmhouse using modern materials and stylish accessories to get a cozy and sleek look at the same time. Here are a few ideas to design such a modern farmhouse and you will find it certainly an enjoying project.

The exterior design of your modern farmhouse will take the same shape of the traditional house using modern materials. For example, it will be impressive to get a wraparound garden including wildflowers, lovely roses, and different vegetables. The lantern lights at the backyard and at the front part of your farmhouse will give the place a simple and inviting look. The fa├žade of your farmhouse can be made of wood or brick pained a glossy or lacquered modern color.

The interior part of your home includes formal architectural designs, a fireplace with a modern touch, bead board ceiling and walls, glass open shelves to display your functional items in a simple way, and the popular farmhouse apron sink. The bedroom may have a floor to ceiling window, as the farmhouse should have an open and airy look.

The gorgeousfour-posteror metal bed will give your modern farmhouse an authentic look along with a modern touch like the sleek beddings or modern wallpaper. You can finish the room with glossy wooden floor and modern colors in addition to the authentic farmhouse accessories.

Your modern farmhouse kitchen may include glossy kitchen cabinets and tables with the same style of the country farmhouse furnishings. The kitchen countertop can be made of lacquered wood or a mixture of wood and soapstone. You can design an open kitchen to the outdoor porch or the living room, as your large family will spend considerable times in the farmhouse kitchen.

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