Impressive Open and Eclectic Living Room Designs by Sylvia Beez

The eclectic design approach combines different cultures, historic periods, styles, and colors to provide your home a fresh and dynamic look. Sylvia Beez of m.a.p. Interiors will show you different ways to create an open and eclectic living room with a modern influence.

Combining the design features of two historic periods such as the midcentury and modern will keep the precious value of your home providing it a timeless and up-to-date look. For example, the remodel of a traditional ranch house in southern California by Sylvia Beez will inspire you.

Sylvia removes the facades of several walls to create accent walls and floor to ceiling windows to enhance the open and eclectic look of the place. Along with the open design plan of your home, don’t forget to provide the place a personal look like such a Tivoli apartment with bookcase-like wallpaper covering the accent wall of the living room.

The innovative room dividers and decorative walls are ideal to create an open feel and keep the privacy of your living room. Sylvia creates an incredibly amazing look in a University Town Center Apartment creating geometric shaped openings in the walls between the living room and the rest of the home. If your home is decorated with a Moroccan or a Mediterranean flair, the large opening wall will create a sense of balance with the rich colors of the place.

Nothing can bring the open and modern look to your living room than the large windows and doors leading to the outdoor garden or beach. In La Jolla modern apartment, Sylvia creates tow glass walls to bring the breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding views into the place. Even if toy couldn’t design an open plan, try to install one or more skylights or at least use light colors and a powerful lighting system in your living room.