Impressive Painting Techniques for Your Walls

Painting the walls yourself is an enjoying project that will gather all of your family members and will let you change the mood of your home. You can begin this project in the weekend to let your children help you and share you the decision of the final look of the place.

When you decide to paint the walls of a certain room, try to decide the painting technique to prepare the suitable tools before the beginning of the project. Choosing the right technique will depend on the function of the room, the color you will choose, and certainly your preferences.

The stenciling technique you will need to place a stencil with the suitable size and design on the wall with a painter’s tape and start to complete the open sections using the right colored paint to get the look you need. This way of painting will give the place a decorative and inviting look.

The sponging painting technique will be the perfect choice when your children insist to do just like you. In this case, you will paint the first coat with the background color and use your damp sea sponge with another degree or color to give your walls a unique texture.Try to choose your colors carefully in this painting technique, as the colors will deeply control the mood of the room. For example, the contrasting colors will create a dramatic look and the dark color on a lighter base will give the room a special depth.

Similarly, the ragging painting technique will need a damp rag, but you will use it in a different way. You will try to create special signs to the folds and ridges in a random way to hide the defects of the wall giving the place a decorative look.

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