Impressive Personal Family Home Décor Ideas Inspired from the Designs of Chelsea Pineda Interiors

Your real home is the place where you have memories and spend memorable times with your family members. Whether you will design a new home or renovate your existing one, the place should express the taste, personality, and talent of every member in your family. Here are a few ways to translate your dreams into reality inspired from the designs of Chelsea Pineda Interiors.

If your family members are fascinated with the artistic décor, they will certainly respect the Mexican and Moroccan touches of the Casa Angelus home designed by Chelsea Pineda team. The dining space has a formal look with a combination of dark red and cream furniture with an elegant chandelier, a Persian rug on the wall, and artistic paintings on the facing wall. In the living space, the designers use a small bookcase along with traditional furniture to create harmony in the home.

Your choice to the wallpaper can create a personal look in your home. In Griffith Hacienda, Chelsea and her team use floral printed wallpaper with bold colors such as black and red keeping the spacious and functional look of the place.

In the kitchen, the designers use drawers with organizers and pullout pantry to enhance the functionality of the kitchen. In the kids’ room of Chesebro Ridge, Chelsea and her team provide the place a feminine look using pink and green colors with patterned wallpaper and crown canopy bed.

Oro Residence designed by Chelsea Pineda and her team expresses the personalities of the homeowners who are fascinated with travelling. In the living space, the bookshelves display their collection of accessories with a large map at the center. On a separate wall, they display a collection of the family members’ framed photos and paddles and highlight those using spotlights and fresh green plants.