Impressive Rubber Mat Projects to Decorate Your Home

The rubber mat is a piece of flat rubber usually decorated with fixed patterns to give your place a vibrant and attractive look. It will be an impressive idea to change the colors of such mats or to print the attractive patterns of a certain mat on a wooden or metal surface to spread the inviting look in the place.

The black rubber mats will not be attractive with all indoor and outdoor settings; so, you can repaint them the colors that will perfectly match your place.You can even paint mats silver or golden colors to display it as a wall art. It will be a great idea to cover the rubber mat with soft fabrics to let you use the mat comfortably under your body or feet. You can paint such a mat rainbow colors to match your kids’ playroom giving it a vibrant look.

Try to purchase the suitable pattern for every project you intend to do yourself. For example, you can create mosaic tiles using a rubber mat with small squares, a paste of colorful materials, and plaster of Paris. Such faux mosaic tiles can decorate any part of your home.

The easy to shape materials such as concrete can be decorated with the patterns of a detailed rubber mat, as you will let the mat stick to the surface of the liquid concrete till it becomes one stone, then you can remove the mat.

Similarly, you can apply the patterns of your rubber mat to the headboard of your bed, the sides of tables, and even the surface of your wooden furniture. You can use your creativity and imagination to make the ultimate use of the impressive patterns of the rubber mats inside and outside your home.

Pics Via : ghar360