7 Impressive Shower Head Designs for a relaxing Bathroom

Having an impressive showerhead means that you will have enjoying and relaxing times in your bathroom. You can just imagine the shape of your new showerhead, and you will certainly find your target in the specialized stores. This article will provide you a few innovative designs to inspire your imagination with the features of your ideal showerhead.

The musical showerhead has waterproof speakers to let you enjoy relaxing sounds while you are relieving your body with the warm or cold water. Moreover, the showerhead will let you adjust the type of the flowing water from a waterfall to a wide rain. The cleansing horizontal showerhead combines the features of a bathtub and a shower as it is made of elegant stone-cladfixtures to let you lie on the floor and let the rain apply a natural massage to your body.

You can have an enjoying shower experience using the soapy showerhead that will dispense a suitable amount of soup with the flowing water in the first stage and give you pure water to risen your body. The showerhead has 1 liter container at its side for soup and you can fill it according to your needs.

Installing a wooden showerhead will let you feel the natural beauty amid the waterfalls. The sleek and minimal design of the showerhead will look like a tropical spa in a rainforest. The linear steel showerhead contains a slatted wooden plinth and a metal shaft covered with galvanized steel to decorate your home in a contemporary way.

The impressive oral hygiene showerhead will provide an opportunity to clean your teeth while taking shower as it has a built-in diverter to be transformed from a shower to an oral care easily. The oxygen-infusing showerhead uses the air to infuse your water to reduce the amount of used water giving you the fresh mood you need

Pics Via : architectureartdesigns

Pics Via : allianceforwaterefficiency