Impressive Vase Sets for Your Modern Living Room

The decorative or simple vases are available these days with different colors, sizes, and textures to match any home decor. You can find heavily decorated vases that can serve separately or simple vases that need additional decorative elements such as flowers, pebbles, or seashells.

Using vases separately to decorate your modern living room, you will provide the place a simple, but interesting touch. For example, you can place a D’oeuvres vase at the center of your coffee table to provide the place a sparkling look. Such a vase is made of cast aluminum with a shimmering nickel finish and tall neck to five the vase a special look.

Another impressive modern design is the Metamorphosis vase with its violet and indigo colors and artistic features. The vase is made of glass on a bud shape to add an interesting look to any modern living room. Instead, you can decorate your modern living room with a ceramic southwest mini-vase with its elegant black color and decorative look.

The crystal, glass, and ceramic vases will need fresh flowers with bright and cheerful colors to revive the look of your modern living room. The ivory ribbed ceramic pitcher vase, for example, will create a sense of balance with the sleek and geometrical shaped accessories in such a modern room.

However, you should select the vase according to the size of your flowers, as the tall and slender vase will work well with long-stemmed flowers such as roses and sunflowers and the short-stemmed vases will blend with gardenias or peonies in additional to the similar short and round flowers.

The modern vases have different shapes to create a sense of harmony with any room design. The cylinder vase with no narrowing at the top will be perfect with unusual shaped flowers such as tulips, grape hyacinths, and anemones. Instead, you can choose a vase with a bottle, sphere, trumpet, low pan, or pail shape.

Pics Via : vectormu