Incredible Ideas to Provide Your Home a Unique Majestic Feel by Perla Lichi

Do you love the Middle Age dramatic scenes and need to live as a king or a queen? Your lifestyle begins from your home, where you spend about most of your childhood and youth time; so, it will be a perfect space to provide you a majestic lifetime. Perla Lichi and her team will inspire you with their gorgeous classic projects and ideas displayed in the coming lines.

The soft and relaxing tones, soaring ceilings, silver and golden chandeliers, and luxurious fabrics have an incredible effect upon your interior design. In a traditional Viva India villa, Perla Lichi and her team make the best use of the spacious available area and the homeowners’ love to the classic designs and install artistic furniture, antique accessories, fur and silk throw fabrics, indoor fresh plants, and marvelous views upon the outdoor garden and pool.

The attention to details is a tiny, yet incredibly effective decorative element that can incredibly transform the look of your home. In Raj private residence and Coral Gables mansion, Perla Lichi and her team create a breathtaking look using tender architectural details along the walls and ceiling with similar detailed furniture pieces and even natural stone floor patterns.

The unusual harmony among floor and ceiling shapes help Perla and her team create hospitable dining and living space. If you love the round shapes, you will certainly love most of Perla’s designs, as she choose natural stone floor framed with the same shape of the vaulted or suspended ceiling and the arched accent walls to let you feel as an essential part of that harmonized space.

Enjoy such a breathtaking collection of hand carved furniture tenderly embroidered walls and ceilings, eye-catching accessories, and relaxing furnishings.