Incredible Parisian Home Designs with a Modern Touch

If you admire the traditional styles with their luxurious look and unique designs, you will certainly love the French style in general and the Parisian style particularly. The Parisian style is characterized by its white color, double floor,and sculptures. This article will provide you unique ways to design such a Parisian home with a modern touch.

The Parisian apartment consists of two floors with simple designed stairs. The living are includes a living room, a bedroom, and a reading room. The reading room has bookshelves and a relaxing reading nook near the window to let you read on the natural light enjoying the marvelous outdoor vies at the same time. The bedroom has a simple design with a bed, a side table and a small bookcase. You can add the suitable sized closet that will store your belongings without cluttering the place.

When you choose your Parisian home furniture and accessories, try to mix the French new and old elements in a harmonized way. You can paint all of your apartment’s walls white accentuated with the colors of your furniture or even a rich jewel color like royal blue , emerald green, or crimson, and the floor covers can be a combine all the elements of the room. The large rug at the center of the room will give you the needed warmth revealing the beauty of the wooden floor below.

Your Parisian kitchen should include the modem appliances and utensils that will help you prepare food quickly such as the coffee machine, toaster, kettle, microwave, oven, fridge, and kitchenware in addition to the cleaning means like the washing machine and dishwasher.

If your family will have their principal meals in the large kitchen, you can install an elegant, but simple French chandelier above the dining space.

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