Incredible Tricks You Can Achieve Through the Color of Your Living Room by Karista Hannah

The color is a fun and tricky item that can turn your home into a dreamy space, but if you utilize the wrong colors, it will end up with a catastrophe. In this article, Karista Hannah of Set the Stage will share you a few tricks to play with such colors professionally and change the look of your living room regularly on budget.

The widely known and most effective color trick is to use light, fresh, and pale wall colors to provide your living room a wider and spacious look, as the dark colors will create a limited look in the place. Similarly, the light colors and the long curtains with the same color of the room will highlight the room’s high ceiling and airy feel.

It is an incredible trick to reshape your living room using just two colors. For example, you can create a square look in a rectangular living room painting the two longer walls a light color and the shorter walls a dark corresponding shade.

To relief the eye, it will be a great idea to use a monochromatic scheme, as you can shift from a shade to another without interruption. If you are afraid to choose the right accent colors in your living room, you can just open your closet and pick up your favorite clothes to be your inspiration.

If you have neutral colored walls and ceiling in your living room, it will be a great idea to use large patterned decorative elements with an accent color and add a simple touch of a facing shade on the color wheel. To create a unique sense of balance and unity between your living room and the rest of your home, Karista loves to use a pop of black accent color throughout a simple vase or lampshade or a contrasting warm and cool accent colors ion the place.