An Incredibly Simple and Impressive Wooden Scalloped Wall Accent DIY Project

Seeing a scalloped wall accent, you will be completely impressed by its breathtaking look and simplicity at the same time. This article will provide you the basic lines to decorate any wall using such technique, and you can use your creativity to develop the idea.
To begin your scalloped wall accent DIY project, you will need a plywood panel, similar sized thick paper, a golden or brown pen, a pencil, a pair of scissors, and 3m mounting tapes. Such a project will consume a few hours; so, you can begin the project with your spouse at the weekend. Additionally, this will be an inexpensive decorative option, as you can use the available materials in your home.
Using a pencil, you will draw double scalloped shapes along the wall. You can design a suitable sized shape out of thick paper and draw the scallops as per its size. The same piece of paper will be a model to cut the plywood panel into pieces accordingly. At the same time, your spouse can use the golden or brown pen to mark the lines of your scallop stencils on the wall to hide all of the pencil marks. Now, you can cut the mounting tape into small pieces and stick them to the back of each stencil to hang them up inside the smaller scalloped marks.
The wood scallop wall accent will hide the nail marks and defects of your wall and provide the place a warm and impressive look.Moreover, you will be able to remove the stencils and decorate the room in a different way without causing defects to the wall. This way of decoration will work best with the different hues of white and brown walls if you will use unfinished plywood. Instead, you can paint the wood panel a suitable color at the beginning of the project.