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Indian Living Room Interior Design

Indian living room is the room where the family members actually “live”. In Indian homes, the living room is fondly termed as the ‘hall area’. It is the essence of any home. The living room is the place to unwind.

There are two important factors you should take into consideration when designing your living room, budget and space. You can design your living room to the way that suits your taste, makes a statement and most importantly is not heavy on your pocket.

Some living rooms may have too much of space or some may be the other way around. So, you should best utilize the space to your advantage, i.e. to make a space either look bigger or smaller.

You can create an illusion for more space using wallpapers or playing with lights. Using proper light can help shed light on the things that you wish to highlight like maybe a painting or a family photograph.

The living room should reflect the people inside the house. People have become more and more open to new and innovative ideas. There are so many themes, colors, designs, materials, ideas that you can pick and choose from. Some people may go for an eco-friendly theme for example, using indoor plants and natural materials like cane blinds. Others may go for desert theme, using the shades of beige, brown and golden. People also may go for rustic theme, using oxidized metals and wood along with hand embroidery for the cushions and rugs.

People also nowadays prefer having home theatres and bars, so the living room can become the center for relaxation for all the members of the family as well as the guests.

In many Indian household the dining table is also part of the living room. So in order to divide the two rooms use lights or beaded curtains or glass dividers.

Decoration definitely needs inspiration and you can get some by eyeing the next amazing pictures.