With These 3 Indications, You Will Know You Have Chosen the Wrong Paint Color

Choosing a wall paint is one of the most vital procedures for decorating any area. Paint colors showcase your furniture and reflect your taste. Therefore, it is understandable how people feel this nightmare-like fear when faced with the vast variety of colors and hues. Sometimes this choosing process does not end well. Here are the signs of that.

1- The first indication you have chosen the wrong paint color is that your mirror reflection looks lousy. This is why sometimes, when entering somewhere with a mirror you feel like “what is wrong with my nose?” or “my skin looks terrible”. The reason of that is because we see by the light reflected from things and some colors do not reflect it in a way that makes our mirror reflection look nice. Soft shades of grey and green do that so avoid them where there are mirrors.

2- When you find that after being somewhere for 30 minutes, your eyes feel tired, you want to close the curtains and turn off any light in the area, then most probably it is an indication of a wrong wall paint color. This means that the room is painted in a color that reflects a lot of light where it is not needed. Try movable paint boards to know the right color.

3- When you find that you are avoiding to read or study in a room in which you used to do that before, or that you are turning on more light than what you used to, then this is an indication that you have painted this room in a wrong color. Some colors absorb light and do not reflect it. So imagine that happening somewhere that does not get a lot of light. The solution is white and bright colors.

Wall Paint color mistakes are not easy to notice. However, they are easy to solve. Pick the right color of paint that lets you do your daily routine properly.

Pics Via : apartmenttherapy