Inexpensive and Amazing Methods to Create an Outdoor Pathway

If you are lucky to have an outdoor garden or backyard, you will need to create a pathway leading to the entrance to avoid the footprints over the grass and give your garden a decorative look. You will certainly like all the creative pathway designs, but only one will be perfect for your garden.

The solar powered pathway bricks will create an amazing look in your outdoor garden during night. For an inexpensive option, you can purchase a few bricks for the sides of your pathway and they will create the same effect. Such bricks come with different colors to decorate your garden creating different moods. During the sunny day, the bricks will collect an amount of power to illuminate them strongly for about 8 hours; so, they worth the money you will pay.

You can create a functional and decorative pathway on budget using just a few colorful pebbles and ready-made models. Such models can be on the shape of flowers, butterflies, or tree leaves. Whatever the shape you will choose, it should create a sense of harmony with your garden.

To apply this project yourself, you should arrange the pebbles in symmetrical patterns to take the shape of your model along the way of your pathway. Try to use natural materials to combine the pebbles together without changing their shape. The edges of your pathway can be made of natural stones or colorful flowers to create a unique charm in your garden.

It will be a great idea to create an artificial track and arrange large pieces of marble or granite with similar colored mosaic tiles to glue the natural stone pieces together. You can create unique shapes out of mosaic tiles according to your skills and talents. You will certainly use your creativity to develop these ideas and apply them in your own garden.

Pics Via : hgtv