Inexpensive but Awesome DIY Home Planter Ideas

Instead of investing your valuable money on the decorative planters to give your home an aesthetic look, you can design your own planter using the available items in your home. In addition, you will be able to decorate such items uniquely. This article will provide you a few ideas for such planters and you can look around your home to find out the suitable items for the project.

The glass containers will be a great way to display your plants in a marvelous way giving the light a chance to penetrate the glass and reach your plants. The PVC pipe joints can be painted in an artistic way to combine the natural plants with the decor of the room. The base of a colorful plastic bottle will provide you a unique chance to show your creativity and artistic talent as you can draw different shapes on the bottle to give every planter a unique personality.

If you have a country style home and need to install personal planters, you can use a small tree trunk or stump to be placed on a table or the floor. Just like the wooden planters, you can add a concrete planter with suitable holes and sand or mud according to the type of your plants.

The suspended plants in decorative plastic containers will absorb their nutrients from the soil and air or can depend on the air only. If you have broken sculptures, you can use their heads as home planters as they will blend perfectly with any room in your lovely home.

The hanging plants may not be in need for planters as you can plant them at the beams of the ceiling to showcase your home beauty. These planters will give your home a valuable look and will help your environment at the same time.