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The Influence of Most Popular Color Palettes

Colors we choose for our interior have a huge impact upon our subconscious mind. They are deeply associated with how we feel at home and in order to choose a color palette for each room, we have to be familiar with the basics of the color wheel. Here are some of the most attractive interior paint color combinations that you can play around with.

Red: It’s a powerful color that radiates vitality and vibrancy and for that reason, pure red shouldn’t be used in large proportions. However, darker shades of red are known to stimulate appetite and create a comfortable atmosphere; that’s why they’re recommended in dining rooms. There are numerous other shades of red such as watermelon, pinks, and burgundy. For a great color scheme, consider painting one accent wall in burgundy red and others in off-white.

White: It’s a timeless neutral color that reflects light in a beautiful way and manages to open up small spaces. However, if used alone, it could create a hospital-like feel, so try combining it with other colors such as blue, black, or red. Other hues of white, such as ivory, cream, and ecru are used in combination with softer shades to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Brown: It’s a warm soothing color that’s ideal for places with cold weather. Paint a room’s ceiling beige and its walls chocolate brown to create a masculine feel.

Black: It’s the most sophisticated color to ever exist, especially if combined with white. If you love black, though, try confining it to accent walls and accessories to get the most out of it. For instance, you could create one black accent wall which would serve as an excellent backdrop for photographs or framed artworks.

Blue: Most popular shades of blue are grayish blues, navy, cool aqua, and turquoises. Blue manages to create a serene atmosphere when combined with cream yellow. It is most needed in bedrooms, along with greens and purples. Additionally, you could create a nautical atmosphere for your bathroom by going for blue and off-white tiles.

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