Innovative Usages for Your Curtain Away from the Window

Your window curtain usually provides you the needed privacy giving your home a unique look. However, you may use such a curtain inside or even outside your home in a marvelous way to increase the functional and decorative look in your home.

Whether your curtain is thick or transparent, it will be a great option to divide a room into two parts. It will not take a considerable space of the room and will reveal the luxurious beauty in your home.

You can give a certain corner of a room a degree of privacy or hide the defects of a certain wall using an elegant curtain.Moreover, the curtain may serve as an alternative door to certain rooms such as your open designed kitchen, dining room, or even a bedroom.

If you have the time and passion for DIY works, you will easily turn your old window curtain to impressive and innovative items. For example, you can use narrow and long strips of the old curtain to decorate the backs of your dining room chairs or the pillows in your living room and bedroom in an elegant way. You can install the curtain to a golden decorative ring and place the ring above the headboard to give the room a royal look.

Even your outdoor space will look great with a white or colorful curtain moving with the breeze. The curtain may serve as a door to your patio, a decoration to your garden arbor, or a home wedding arch. Such a curtain can divide your indoor and outdoor settings to give your home the needed privacy letting the natural light and air revive your home. Above, you can create innovative usages to the curtain according to your needs and home design.

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